• “Modern Conquistadors” will be an episodic, story driven SciFi-Action-Adventure game for PC – powered by Unreal Engine 4. The focus is on the singleplayer missions.
  • The game will be split into single chapters, each of them distributed on Steam as a DLC. The first chapter will be designed as a pilot and acts as the prototype, which will be released as an Early Access App on Steam.
  • The gameplay brings together elements of Parkour (military obstacle-course training), modern warfare (like in a shooter game), as well as maze like levels, traps, puzzles and quests (typical for adventure games).




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* Subtitles/CC on YouTube available in English, German and Russian.

Motion-Comic Cutscene (Preview - work in progress)

Technical SDK Evaluation Video

(Only for Testing - work in progress)

The footage in the Technical SDK Evaluation Video, shows the engine evaluation build, that we’ve created in order to evaluate Unreal Engine 4 - and to check the project regarding the general feasibility and technical practicability.

The most important part was to figure out:

•  if we can work with the various (for our gameplay helpful) plugins, that are available at the Unreal Engine Marketplace

• and if we can speed up the development by implementing those plugins into our game (into the build).

We got also a first idea, how we can program the artificial intelligence and how we can set up the animations (animation tree). It is our aim, to continue the implementation of game related features into this build, when we are moving from the evaluation/pre-production phase to the prototype phase. The captured footage will give the viewer a rough idea of the features, gameplay elements and game mechanics we’re heading for.




Promotional Illustrations

The human spaceship of the exploration team in the orbit of the earthlike planet called Magellan.

The “Modern Conquistadors” landing on the planet and start building a base for further research operations.

The five members of the exploration team and a drone in the temperate rain forest.

Two Yeti- like Chupacabra hunting in the desert of ice and rocks on the earthlike planet Magellan.

Suddenly, two crystalline, hostile aliens appear in the desert of rocks.

The swamp is full of amphibious, extraterrestrial organisms.

Various scientific research operations and the possible exploitation of resources are one of the key objectives of the exploration.

A tribe of Bigfoot- like Chupacabra defends the Chupacabra colony together with the exploration team.

The exploration team uncovers and investigates artifacts of the mysterious history of the planet and the events that took place in its past.

Summary of the Story & the Game Episodes (Chapters)


  • Playable character in boldface
  • Puzzles in bold and italics


1. "Survival Instincts" – Anna

Intro with a quote from Hérnan Cortés: "We suffer from a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure."  The group arrives on the planet Magellan. Anna is on her own completely due to a computer error (which makes her overly nervous), however she fulfills her duty and even places a flag on the planet. While exploring the environment and collecting wood, she comes across a square-shaped clearing - where the surrounding trees are bent, and Anna is being observed from the bushes by an unknown person (in fact, it’s Anna herself from the future).

Some of the planet's creatures attack her, and she captures them for research. The Chupacabra attack, take her captive and associate her with the gods. A triangle is being painted on Anna’s forehead. She escapes and finds a futuristic weapon, as well as human-like bones, which she takes back with her to the base. Malcolm analyzes the creatures which Anna captured, as well as the bones, and Anila examines the weapon. The weapon points to unknown technology, the DNA is more or less human though.


2. "The Chupacabra" - Malcolm & Zhou

Anila keeps trying to analyze the futuristic weapon and find the cause of the computer error. Malcolm and Zhou want to make contact with the Chupacabra. On the way, they again see a triangle symbol and get to a kind of Stonehenge, where they come under attack from crystal structures. They take one of them. They meet the Chupacabra and get a little insight into their myths and attitude to life, as they fight some lizard beings. They set up a research station there and agree an alliance with the tribal chief. Anna is described by the Chupacabra as "Golden Man". Malcolm and Zhou secure some relics of the Chupacabra, including gold treasures. Malcolm examines the Crystal and is surprised to find that it is actually inorganic.


3. "Gold Digger" – Maxim

From his research, Malcolm knows that crystals are of spiritual significance to the Chupacabra. Zhou lets Anna create synthetic crystals to attract the Chupacabra. Malcolm has to report that the triangle is a symbol of the sun or the gods. Maxim is to explore further areas and to assess the resources there. An unknown person watches Maxim as he climbs into the cannon boat (later, this person turns up as Anna from the future). In the ice desert, Maxim finds an unknown metal which the Chupacabra themselves did not make - it is old and like the metal of Anna's weapon. The group concludes that it must come from the Mysterious Civilization and hopes for indication on further reserves. In the cave of the Chupacabra, where more pieces of metal are stored, Maxim finds a kind of black box, which is handed over to Anila for analysis. She only detects the final message: "We need more Gold".


4. "Drill, Baby, Drill" - Anila & Anna & Maxim

Anila found out that the blackbox belongs to a drone which is set to start far in the future. She notices that Anna is being pushed by the commanders to finally achieve progress. Together with Maxim, they use a device built by Anila to find the position of a high concentration of platinum and build a drilling station in the jungle. Anna acts against the Chupacabra in the forest with unusual harshness, but Maxim eases the situation, and soon Anna regrets her approach and explains it with the pressure weighing on her. They learn that the Chupacabra do not consider the gods being able to be permanent on their planet. Malcolm thinks it‘s possible that the strangers have died from an illness, even while he did not identify any pathogens.


5. "El Dorado" - Zhou & Maxim & Malcolm

Malcolm is dealing with the question of a potential disease yet cannot identify any pathogens. Also he analyzed the Crystal - he comes to the conclusion that apparently it does not have any predators or related species. Anila announces she has found El Dorado - a huge gold treasure. Anna, Malcolm and Zhou follow up on this. During their journey they are accompanied by two Chupacabra. One of the two is poisoned by a lizard - he dies, depending on the decision of Zhou (to return to the helicopter or take away), either in this chapter or between the chapters. The team is attacked by drones, however cannot secure any. At the end of the path, they find a Gold treasure of the Mysterious Civilization, but it looks very odd. The coins do not seem to be minted by the Chupacabra, since they show symbols of the sun that differ from those of the Chupacabra (Triangles), and to them the crystals rather are religious objects - they look more like prey of the Spanish Conquista in the 16th century. Although by now great wealth was found, the commanders have developed a taste for it and want to take even more of the technology of the mysterious civilization that El Dorado has built. Through recordings by the future men, they learn that in fact a disease has killed them, that this disease also caused madness, and that Gold was singled out as a trigger. Mention of SOL, the stabilization software of the time machine, which should influence causal-cycles.


6. "Tumbleweed" - Malcolm & Anila

Zhou complains about someone taking more supplies than he logs in. Anila has finally found the source of the computer error - some other computer has logged into Anna's ID, and the connection to the vessel is disrupted. She suspects the future men behind this. She picks up Malcolm, who is analyzing the Gold of the planet. He does not find anything special. In the desert, herself and Malcolm search for another artifact, the Triangle-Stonehenge. During their further research they get lost in a sandstorm and find Chupacabra in a dilapidated desert village. The latter give them an insight into the history of the Chupacabra and of the planet. They learn a lot about the campaigns of the Mysterious Civilization and hear the legend of the fountain of youth. They learn that one of the vessels of the Mysterious Civilization exploded in the mountains, which explains the metal chips there. About the Crystals, they learn that these were brought in by the Mysterious Civilization and did not previously exist on Magellan.  The Chupacabra explain that they worship the fragments of heaven/crystals also from a fear of these gods. Malcolm & Anila learn about the number of vessels of the Mysterious Civilization and conclude there must be three more locations of the Mysterious Civilization. The first they find nearby – it is the wreck of a vessel, but they fail to get into it. Instead, they discover Crystals. When they return home, they first notice that they are being watched by someone, however the shadow disappears and cannot be tracked.


7. "Fountain of Youth" - Maxim & Anila & Zhou

The team follows the legend of the Fountain of Youth, which they had heard in the desert, and which is supposed to take you back to childhood. Meanwhile, they find a cave. After having researched for a while, they notice again that they are being watched, and someone shoots at the group. As they turn around, they realize that a drone, which has appeared behind them, was the target of the shot. When they follow the unknown, they do not find anybody yet come across the legendary spring - the Fountain of Youth. (Without their knowledge, they are in this moment traveling back about half an hour in time - the observers are themselves from the future). In addition, they find the remains of a man of the Mysterious Civilization, whose log bears witness to an outbreak of madness amongst the commanders. Gold was piled up and minted into coins. Apparently, the supreme commander was increasingly believing that he was a Conquistador from the 16th century and has arranged to mint the prey accordingly. The whole attempt to conquer the planet was put on hold for the gold search, and the disease, called "gold fever," is named as the cause. Maxim drinks from the spring, but nothing happens. Suddenly, the group watches themselves as they enter the cave. Maxim opens fire on the crystal behind himself. The versions from the past begin to pursue and run into the chamber of the fountain of youth, where they disappear with a bang and a triangular beam of light (the light appears during time travel, but is only visible to non-travelers). As the group detects, the fountain of youth is a damaged part of a time machine, and upon entering the room with the spring, they were put back. Maxim’s shot, triggered an emergency protocol though, in which the system is destroyed. The group flees. By now they understand why the unknown emerged in the cave, but not the unknown who has previously (chapters 1,2,3, 6) watched them. Zhou is slightly ill however does not mention it.


8. "Space Galleon" - Zhou & Anna & Malcolm

Maxim is very sick. The team, with the help of the Chupacabra, is looking for a ship of the Mysterious Civilization in the South where they hope to find a remedy. The computer of Anna's ship has been converted by Anila, so it can now detect any attempts to register as itself. En route Zhou suffers a dizzy spell, and his helicopter crashes. When he revives, Malcolm and the Chupacabra have disappeared. It is found by radio contact that a Chupacabra tribe has attacked and abducted the two.

The tribal leader considers himself a pharaoh as a representative of the gods and wants to kill Malcolm, the "God", as a demonstration of his power. Zhou and Anna save him, but Zhou gets sick more and more. Anila reacts to a radio call initially absent, then not at all, since she also became sick. They find the vessel, but Zhou now suffers heavily from his illness and begins to hallucinate. In the vessel of the Mysterious Civilization it becomes clear that the paradox control software SOL is the cause of the disease – in order to manipulate causal cycles (arising because no paradox can arise), the machine manipulates the time travelers so that their actions in the end achieve the desired result. Due to malfunction, it however alters them instead into a caricature of the Spanish conquistadors - addicted to gold and stifled by strange diseases. Zhou recognizes that there is no remedy, and the group finds an elapsed counter. They come under attack from Crystals. Zhou and Malcolm flee, but Anna fails to get out of the vessel. There is a triangular light, followed by a huge explosion, after which the vessel has disappeared. The hallucinations end, and they make it (without Anna) to the base. The shadow, which has repeatedly watched the team, is waiting for them there (Anna from the future). Anna wakes up – in fact in the undamaged yet dark ship.


9. "Fallback" – Anna

Anna wakes up in the vessel of the Mysterious Civilization. As she gets outside, everything is empty and dead. Outside, there are lurking lots of Crystals - there are no other animals or aliens. Anna notices a triangular light flashing on the horizon. She wants to return to the base, but she does not find it, and continues to roam around. All their devices are dead. Anna again spots the triangular light on the horizon. In the cave, where she first found the dead, Anna seeks shelter - there is nothing anymore, but the cave is partially collapsed. Anna enters the point from which in the first chapter she overlooked Magellan and was called by Anila. The planet is uninhabitable, and it becomes clear that she has landed in the distant future. She notices again the triangle light and then a vessel from the future that throws drones for exploration. Anna realizes that she too is getting sick. As she tries to make herself felt, to be saved probably, these drones open up fire. Anna tries to get in touch with the people of the future but fails as these also get back to the past during Anna's fight with the drones. Anna flees and returns to the place where the vessel is. Although Anna becomes increasingly sick and now has hallucinations as well, she reaches the vessel and travels back in time. She gets to the point where the group lands and thus causes the square shaped clearing near their landing site. As she disembarks, the vessel disappears again (with a triangular light) and lands exactly at the time when it exploded in Chapter 8, where it then triggered the explosion observed by Malcolm and Zhou.  Their dismantled computer establishes a connection to the vessel and leads to a malfunction in the original. Anna listens to the radio of her group, which she could not hear previously. She then watches the team for a while. She returns to the base after the group has left for the vessel. Zhou and Malcolm return, saddened about the fact that Anna did not make it. There she waits for the two.

Months later, the group has recovered, and their job is done. The commanders are disappointed that not any time travel technology could be recovered, but this is attributed to the paradox avoidance function of SOL.

Zhou says goodbye to the allied Chupacabra. Anna corrects the Chupacabra for the first time saying that she is not the "Golden Man" - the Chupacabara chief replies that "Chupacabra" is not a word of the Chupacabra, and that names are strange things.

Maxim asks Anna if she believes the gold was actually harmless, and she suspects it. As the the others have already returned to their ships and Anna gets into her ship after a while, she reflects about Maxim's question again and thinks that gold probably - depending on what the name "Gold" means - always causes illness. Then she leaves the planet.